Velo Park

“Pump Track" in the “Velo Zone - Strumica”

1. The organization of the promotional event in Strumica for promotion of the constructed “Pump Track” in the “Velo Zone – Strumica” within the “Bike Cities” project as main project activity for the Municipality of Strumica, will be integrated as a Central Event of a large manifestation – Festival “Velo Strumica” 2023.

The promotional event (Central Event) will be held on 1st of June, 2023 (Thursday), around 20:00 h (Strumica local time) / 21:00 h Greek time. The exact time is to be determined during the next week (latest Tuesday, 23.05.2023).

2. The Festival “Velo Strumica” 2023 will last for two days:

the 1st of June (Thursday) and the 2nd of June (Friday), 2023, and will be organized by the Association Center for Development and promotion PROMO IDEA – Strumica and the Municipality of Strumica.

As mentioned , during the first day of the Festival (1st of June (Thursday), 2023), the constructed “Pump Track” in the “Velo Zone – Strumica” will be promoted by organizing a specialized promotional event, while during the 2nd day of the Festival (2nd of June (Friday), 2023) will be organized several events and activities with the aim to encourage the cycling culture and promote the bicycle as a means of transportation, recreation and lifestyle. 

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