Bike Cities

Bike cities network for bikes, e-bikes etc

The BIKE CITIES project aims to create a common cycling tourist identity to target to a new promising sector and through an innovative platform and networking activities to develop bike-oriented tourism services in order to improve the cross border tourism product and to enhance tourism flow in the area.

Overall objective

This priority of the project will contribute to improving the attractiveness and growth and promote tourism in the cross-border area to enhance employment in tourism

Project Beneficiaries

  • Municipality of Serres
  •  Lifelong Learning Center of Region of Central Macedonia 
  • Municipality of Strumica
  • Promo Idea


Municipality of Serres


Lifelong Learning Center of Region of Central Macedonia

Partner N2

Municipality of Strumica

Partner N3

Promo Idea

Partner N4

Project Duration

The duration of the project is 18 months and ends in November 2023.

Project Budget

The total project budget is 702.977,44 €

Main Activities

In long term the project aims to improve living standards and employment opportunities for people in the region by developing a sustainable and responsible tourism potential of the cross border region, through innovative and quality tourism products and through the expansion of touristic season.

Velo Parks

Serres & Strumica

BIke Guides-instructors

for begginers and tourists

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